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2021 Resolutions. After the year that changed everything, we look forward to maintaining our standards as a leader in branded merchandise and take on new challenges as a company in 2021.

Reflections and Resolutions: Our Goals for 2021

This year was a journey unlike any other. Despite it all, we want to thank our team and partners for helping us push through during these trying times with perseverance and dedication. Thank you to our overseas office and factories who regained full operations in just a matter of weeks after COVID-19 hit, for their strength and adaptability — a hat tip to our domestic employees who seamlessly transitioned to remote work without sacrificing productivity or dedication. And of course, thank you to our partners, old and new, who trusted us with their business during such a trying time.


In March, we achieved our B Corp certification and committed ourselves to be a socially and environmentally responsible organization. We’re incredibly proud of the strides we made in 2020 and will continue the momentum as a company to further our objective of using business as a force for good in 2021. We will increase transparency in our sustainability initiatives for our partners as we continue to invest in the research of efficient materials, manufacturing innovations, and supply chain processes that minimize waste and preserve nonrenewable resources. We will also be sharing updates specific to our B Impact Assessment (an evaluation process that earned us our B Corp certification) to continue to reform and use our business as a force for good.


In 2021, we will also expand our philanthropic responsibility and support organizations that uplift communities of color and fight for systemic reform. We look forward to continuing our Speaker Series, which elevates different cultural perspectives and positive social initiatives. It also allows us to support the fight to abolish unjust systems via donations to organizations selected by each speaker. Inspired by the incredible success of our partnership with More Than a Vote, we will endeavor to take on new projects that support the fight to eradicate systemic injustice, leveraging our capabilities to inspire civic engagement and social consciousness.\

Brand Touch

And to our incredible partners, without whom we would not be Harper+Scott, we will continue to bring your brands to life via innovative merchandise that deepens the connection between you and your consumer. We will continue to encourage unwavering brand loyalty by leveraging our unique approach to human-centered design when conceiving new quality products that place your brand at the intersection of creativity and innovation. Stick with us as we continue developing the next generation of influencer mailers, point of purchase displays, glorifiers, branded merchandise, safety kits, gifts with purchase, and much more in 2021.

Happy New Year from Harper+Scott!