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What is a Product Launch? How to Debut Your Product

Products are what companies are built on. The unique product offerings that different companies have come together to create businesses that have unique identities and functions in the marketplace. As companies grow and develop, they increase their number and style of product offerings, and can often rotate out old products and replace them with new ones. This is the natural way that businesses evolve over time, and is how they remain viable and relevant in a world that is already heavily saturated with all kinds of different products. The launch of a product is one of the most important milestones in the life of a company, and certainly in the life of the product itself. 

When a product is introduced to a consumer base, it can set a precedent for how the product will be received over its lifespan. Whether it’s just an update to an already existing line of products, or an entirely new product with a fresh new line, launching products is an incredibly important and laborious process. Convincing the market at large that a new product is essential, useful, exciting, and worth the money and interest of the consumer can be a very difficult task, but it is critically important. 

There are many different disciplines that go into launching a product. Companies need to look at marketing, design choices, public relations, customer interactions, and a large amount of other processes that all need to be handled as expertly as possible for maximum success. The launch of a product also needs, most importantly, a good product to be launched. This is highly important for any company and every product, because the first months of a product’s launch will often set the product up for either success or failure, depending on how the launch goes. These are some key things to focus on when launching a new product which are sure to help a product launch go as smoothly, effectively, and beneficially as possible. 

Define the Target Audience

Understanding the target audience is the foundation of a good product launch. Knowing what the target audience wants will help to inform every decision that the company makes in their product design, marketing, and media presence. Fundamentally, every company is selling to their target audience, and doesn’t need to worry about anyone outside of that. That narrows the window of what they need to market to, and allows marketing to be much easier and more streamlined. Of course, that means doing research on what the target audience wants, but once that research is done and the information is acquired, a company can very effectively and efficiently market to them, which is the foundation of a good product launch

The clear definition of the social and mental preferences of a target audience will help to make sure that a company knows how to sell to the people who are going to buy the product. Many companies will make the mistake of trying to have a very general and broad marketing strategy, in order to appeal to as many people as possible. However, the fact remains that the people who aren’t going to buy a product very simply will not buy the product, no matter how good that marketing is. So focus on the groups that are looking for the solutions that the product provides, and cater to those people in all of the product launch decisions. 

Understand the Company’s Brand Identity

When focusing on the marketing and product design aspects of launching a product, it is critical that both elements fit well within the already existing company’s identity. Make sure that there is continuity between all of the different elements of the brand, including existing products, marketing choices, and brand identity. The visual aspects should tie the different products and elements together just as much as the different products. A cohesive brand experience will lead to a much more efficient product launch, and will help to ensure that a brand’s identity remains cohesive in the minds of consumers. 

If the company is trying to branch out into a new direction with a new product, it is very important that they do that intentionally. Don’t create a product that is outside of the preexisting ecosystem of the company’s products without putting lots of effort into how the company does that. If there are elements that will tie a new product into existing products, capitalize on that connection, to help consumers understand that the new product can fit well into the company as a whole, as well as their lives. Being cohesive is one of the most important things a company can do in a product launch. 

Understand the Competition

Standing out in the modern world of products is something that can be very difficult. There are countless different ecommerce companies creating and distributing very similar products, which can make it difficult to stand out from the crowd as a new company. Even if a product is entirely new in the way that it functions, there are still likely to be alternatives and different solutions to the problems that a product is trying to solve for consumers. Therefore, it is highly important for companies to know how to differentiate from their competitors. 

The world of products is a highly saturated market. There are dozens, if not hundreds of different ways to solve virtually every customer need that they might face. Understanding that, and knowing how to differentiate as a company and as a product will lead to a much more successful product launch. If a customer can clearly understand and identify why a company’s product is going to work better for them in their situations, they are much more likely to have success in their product launch. Focus on uniqueness, and find ways to capitalize on it. 

Make use of Media and Technology

No matter how old the company is or what target market they appeal to, it is critical to focus on using media and popularity to market the products that they are using. Social media is a fantastic way to reach customers and show them why a certain product is best for them, especially when using influencer marketing and advertising. Social media has an innately personal element to it, and can often appeal to the emotional parts of people when marketing new products. Take advantage of this, and use social media as a primary tool to reach both new and old customers. 

Apart from that, using technology can also help companies to know how effectively they are reaching their customers. Companies can often see analytics based on how different people interact with their products, and that can show them how their methods are succeeding or failing in a numerical sense. This isn’t always the most effective way to understand how a company is doing, but the numbers that come with social media accounts and marketing can give a company a much more realistic idea of how they are doing in their marketplace. 

Set Beneficial Goals

It is incredibly important to set goals for a product launch. This can give a company directions to aim in, and goals that would be good to achieve. It’s not always easy to understand exactly what goals a company should shoot for, but it can be very helpful when looking for reference points for how the launch is doing. 

However, when setting goals, be sure to make sure they are realistic. These goals should be based on educated information, including past launches, externally received data, and research about the market at large. This information can be found through external sources, research, and past data from inside of the company. Additionally, these goals can be found and set through the help of external agencies who help organizations work their way through product launches with maximum efficiency. Outsourcing these data gathering responsibilities can lead to a much more informed and beneficial product launch, which can lead to a long history for the product itself. 

How Harper+Scott Can Help

That’s where Harper+Scott comes in. Over its history, the company has worked with many high level companies, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies to work on marketing, product launches, print + packaging,, and everything in between. The experience that the team at Harper+Scott has can elevate any product launch from a marginal bump in their success rate to a massive success every time. 

Apart from product launches, Harper+Scott is able to help companies with marketing assets, product design, product creation, and research about trends, target audiences, and other similar processes. The world of business today requires many creative and modern solutions for companies to be successful, and there are few companies that can effectively create these specific solutions as effectively as Harper+Scott. For any help in creative work in the modern business world, reach out to Harper+Scott for the best of the best in the industry. 


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