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Improving Point of Purchase for Your Business

A Point of Purchase (POP) is the time and place chosen for product placement to optimize sales. These are the areas you need to cultivate to make sure purchases happen as often as possible. Similarly, a Point of Sale (POS) is the area in a store where a transaction is completed, such as the checkout or register. POP displays are often placed at POS locations in addition to other locations throughout a store or e-commerce site as a last-ditch effort to market items to customers who are about to complete their purchase.

It’s critical to have a Point of Purchase and Point of Sale that will leave a lasting impression on your customers. Even when they’re not in your physical location or online store, you want them to still think about the products you have and why they need them. If you can achieve that, then your Points of Purchase will be working for you around the clock. 

Creating an effective Point of Purchase probably seems difficult. In a world where everything is trying to stand out to consumers, creating something that will stick in their minds and stand out from the rest of the noise is difficult. Getting people’s attention is harder than ever, and keeping it is even more difficult. But it is possible to do. 

Following these simple guidelines will make sure that your POP and POS are working for you to make your stores as effective as possible. 

Make Interactive Displays

Creating interactive displays is a surefire way to keep your displays inside the minds of your customers. This can be anything from a touchscreen that tells the consumer which product would best serve them to a stand offering free samples. Anything that allows the customer to use their senses to fully experience the products will work. 

This interaction will make sure that whatever you are selling sticks in the consumers’ minds because they will have the added memory of the experience. When they just see a product, it’s very easy to gloss over it. This allows the customer to lose your item’s specific identifiers and qualities in the sea of other products in the world. When you create a way for customers to experience the product in a way that can be incorporated into their everyday life, you’ve made a display that is much more likely to make a lasting impression. That alone will lead to more sales and increased product recognition, which is the end goal of creating better Points of Purchase and Points of Sale. 

Use Familiar Imagery

Another incredibly helpful method to boost your Point of Purchase and Point of Sale’s potency and effectiveness is using familiar imagery that consumers can associate with other parts of their life. That’s why many products are sponsored by influencers, movie stars, and pop culture icons; using a familiar face or brand will help customers create a mental shortcut to recognize your product in stores. Associating your product with a beloved public figure or brand can form a positive correlation in your customers’ minds, adding both brand recognition and consumer trust. 

You can do this in many ways. Endorsements can be helpful, but they’re not the only way to build product recognition through Point of Purchase and Point of Sale. Marketers can tie their product to another commonplace item or task to help customers understand how the product is useful and picture ways they can incorporate it into their life. This allows potential customers to believe that they need a product, which will lead to a sale. Surrounding your product with familiar imagery will help bring the product into the consumer’s consciousness. 

One way that Harper+Scott built this product awareness was through our design of Avion’s Bottle Glorifier. Our team put extensive effort into making the Avion’s display look like an elegant, glorified extension of the bottle within. This developed a correlation between the grace and luxury that Avion wanted to associate with their products and Avion Tequila. Using general concepts that appeal to the target market will help create a POP or POS display that is much more appealing to the end consumer. 

Create Concise Messaging

When you’re displaying your products in a Point of Purchase or Point of Sale, you don’t need to put massive detail in how you describe them. The more words that you put onto a display, the less likely it is that a customer will remember your product and its message. The more words you use, the less likely someone is actually to read your copy. 

Instead of using many words, use the most direct and pointed way you can describe your product. Come up with a catchphrase to tagline to grab the customers’ attention, and incorporate it throughout your displays. When you’re asked to recall a brand’s catchphrase, countless one-liners pop into your head. Use those effective taglines as inspiration when designing your Point of Purchase and Point of Sale. Less is more—and every letter counts. 

Our team at Harper+Scott utilized concise, memorable copy in our Vote Lookbook. Instead of going into extensive written detail or overcomplicating our visual design, we kept our lookbook simple and punchy. The verb “Vote” is already so potent in people’s minds as a single word that encapsulates a larger civic duty. You don’t have to remember a paragraph of content being thrown at you at once to understand the campaign’s intent. All you have to do is remember that one singular word. Keep your Point of Purchase and Point of Sale simple, and you’ll be able to make it memorable. 

Use the Product to Educate

Another fantastic way to create a memorable Point of Purchase or Point of Sale is to make it educational. Displays that compare and contrast different products with yours will help customers understand why your product is superior to others. This comparison will help them remember your product when they see it in stores, and it will bring your product to mind when they see your competitors. With some finesse, you can educate customers quickly and concisely. 

Use statistics that highlight your product’s benefits, especially in comparison to similar products. Your displays should incorporate logic to appeal to your consumers so that they can independently decide that your product is superior to its competitors. Find ways to show your product’s benefits in quantifiable terms that are quick and easy to understand. This will set off a chain reaction in a customer’s head that will rank your product above its competitors in their internal product hierarchies. Using your Point of Purchase and Point of Sale displays to show educational information is sure to benefit your sales greatly in both online and brick-and-mortar contexts. 

Change Up Your Displays

When it comes to standing out, repetitiveness and excessive familiarity are your enemies. While it is beneficial to adhere to your brand identity while creating displays, make sure you’re constantly implementing new designs at Point of Purchase and Point of Sale locations. When someone sees the same display too many times, it’s easier to ignore. Think about it: Once you’ve seen an advertisement a couple of times, you start to tune it out. You want to combat that mental process by regularly releasing new displays at Point of Purchase and Point of Sale locations. 

Try to do refresh your displays in proportion to the average amount of times people return to your Point of Purchase and Point of Sale. Create a scheduled rotation of how often you want to refresh your Point of Purchase and Point of Sale locations. By doing this, you keep your store exciting every time a customer walks in. If a store looks the same every time a customer visits, it’s not going to be an exciting and memorable experience. By constantly changing the appearance, designs, and Points of Purchase inside your store, you are much more likely to make your customers remember both your store and your products. 


Enhancing your Points of Purchase and Points of Sale is something that can lead to massive benefits in the number of sales that you generate. It requires a little bit of know-how, but by making your Points of Purchase and Points of Sale more attractive, you’re more likely to memorably stand out in a worldwide ocean of products. It’s never been more difficult to be unique in almost any market, and being able to stand out is something that will afford you, your business, and your products great success. 

If you want to work with true professionals when enhancing your Points of Purchase and Points of Sale, come to Harper+Scott. We’ve worked with brands around the world and are experts in the latest and greatest Point of Purchase and Point of Sale enhancements. If you need to level up your business and only want to work with the best, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our website