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COVID Innovation. Transitioning to source and manufacture quality PPE during a time of scarcity, and supporting the global shift from IRL to digital.

Leveraging agility to take on COVID-19

In March, like many other businesses in NYC and around the globe, we temporarily closed our doors. Our immediate priority was protecting our team, partners, and the community at large as we braced for the uncertainties of COVID-19.

We quickly pivoted to address the global supply chain’s needs, providing close to 20 million masks and nearly 500,000 gallons of hand sanitizer to businesses, local governments, and health organizations globally. While we quickly mobilized to solve short-term needs, we understood the need to prepare for the pandemic’s long-term impacts. Thankful for our team’s sheer strength and agility, we were able to quickly and seamlessly transition all our domestic employees to remote work and resume our domestic and overseas operations seamlessly.

Expanding the H+S family during COVID-19, and tapping into our sourcing prowess for quality PPE
Preparing for the upcoming stages of the pandemic early on.

Strategically, we shifted early to focus on the imminent change from in-person to digital — across events, entertainment, employee loyalty, etc. Our creative and production departments teamed up to proactively create industry-specific safety kits that motivated retailers, restaurants, hotels, and other consumer-facing clients to implement innovative and thoughtful outreach to preserve their customer’s safety and maintain engagement.

With so many people transitioning to remote working, it was important for businesses to reach their audience where they were (and still are) at home. For one of our long-standing clients, AdColony, we developed an online portal for their customers to select a special kit to be delivered to their homes. They had the option of “Desk Kit,” “Recovery Kit,” or “Tech Kit,” allowing them to select their preferred experience and to provide their remote address while protecting their privacy. We’ve duplicated these methods to send out loyalty gifts for our employees and clients.

Client Gift Kits for AdColony
We designed and produced cohesive retail collections for businesses and nonprofits, which included doubling down on our capability to develop web-stores to support their transition from IRL to online.

In 2019, Compass asked us to reimagine their web store experience. From updating the browsing experience’s look and feel, to designing and manufacturing a bespoke collection of custom apparel and accessories, we did just that. We continue to add new products to the Compass boutique seasonally, including a new product suite to support Compass agents during the pandemic. Our ability to build new web-stores and collections from scratch for companies allowed us to team up with LeBron James’ nonprofit, More Than a Vote, and BET Networks in 2020.

Compass Webstore

The More Than a Vote collection tugged on the heartstrings of the Harper+Scott team as we proactively pitched the apparel collection and web-store concept to their team. We offered to design and produce the clothing line and manage the web-store at no cost to amplify their mission in fighting voter suppression during our most critical election. Most recently, we partnered up with BET for their Hip Hop Awards to launch an accompanying new web-store with apparel to generate excitement and awareness around the show.

We are here to help.

Thanks to our incredibly agile and talented team, we have innovated continuously to support our clients through every stage of the ongoing pandemic. Whether assisting with the transition to digital and at-home experiences or simply producing quality PPE goods to keep individuals safe and healthy, we will continue to serve our clients and our communities.

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