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How to Create Custom Poly Mailers for Your Business or Campaign

Any successful business is always looking for ways to get a leg up over the competition and connect with their customers during marketing campaigns. Aside from direct advertising and other methods, you can distinguish yourself as a unique brand by designing and sending out custom poly mailers.

Custom poly mailers can be used to ship products, documents, or other assets to your customers and clients in personalized packaging. But you can also use custom poly mailers as key parts of marketing campaigns that spread your brand logo and slogan far and wide, raising customer awareness.

Custom poly mailers could be the extra boost of creativity that your marketing campaign needs to be truly successful. But what if you don’t know how to create custom poly mailers?

Not to worry. Let’s break down how you can get started creating and manufacturing custom poly mailers for your business needs now.  

Why Make Custom Poly Mailers?

Tons of businesses use poly mailers as part of their shipping and marketing strategies. Poly mailers are versatile package types that can contain:

  • important documents
  • small products
  • newsletters
  • special offers
  • and more

Companies often choose to send out poly mailers to new and repeat customers alike as part of their marketing campaigns or when providing customers with products that they have already ordered.

Custom poly mailers are simply poly mailers that are designed with your company logo, design, or other features to make them stand out from other mailers in the industry. When done correctly, custom poly mailers can serve multiple purposes by bolstering an existing marketing campaign, cementing your brand’s awareness in the minds of your customers, and more.

Plus, custom poly mailers can help your brand to stand out from your competitors. People will remember when they get a custom poly mailer with their name on it and your logo as opposed to a plain white or gray poly mailer that looks like it belongs in the junk pile.

How Can You Make Custom Poly Mailers?

Fortunately, most companies can relatively easily secure custom poly mailers in a few different ways. You can always try to make them yourself if you have the skill and equipment necessary to produce poly mailers of acceptable quality. But you can also create custom poly mailers with the help of other organizations.

Use a Shipping Company

These days, shipping companies provide a plethora of personalization and customization options for companies that buy bulk orders of shipping supplies like boxes and poly mailers. Even the USPS is getting in on the benefits of providing custom solutions for its customers.

Therefore, you can usually contact a shipping company and provide them with detailed designs for custom poly mailers for your brand.

These companies, however, will always take your design as is and don’t normally have a marketing or art department on hand to help you come up with a great design by themselves. That means you’ll need to do all the creative work yourself.

Shipping companies are good choices if you already have a solid design and just need bulk custom poly mailers created ASAP for relatively affordable prices.

Contact a Design Agency Like Harper + Scott

Your other option is to contact a skilled design agency such as Harper + Scott. Based in New York and Guangzhou, we have years of experience in the design and manufacturing industries and provide custom or private label branded items for companies and their customers across industries.

At Harper + Scott and similar design agencies, you can discuss what you want your custom poly mailers to look like before the presses start printing them. Furthermore, design agencies can help you to come up with a perfect logo or the ideal iconography for your custom poly mailers that blends your core company logo with the limitations of the poly mailer medium.

Put another way, design agencies help you with the creative aspect of making custom poly mailers in addition to manufacturing them for you. This costs a little extra, but it takes some of the work out of your hands and allows you to focus on the other aspects of your business.

Things to Consider When Creating Custom Poly Mailers

Regardless of how you choose to make your custom poly mailers, you’ll need to consider a number of important things so that your eventual mailers look perfect.

Mailer Size

You’ll need to settle on a dimension for your custom poly mailers based on what you plan to ship in them. Poly mailers aren’t as limiting as regular envelopes (some people actually call them courier bags since they can hold a few small items inside without tearing).

Still, make sure that your mailer size is large enough that your products can fit inside without causing stretching, tearing, or affecting the aesthetic of the mailer itself. Your customers may not take your custom poly mailers well if it looks like a slapped-together job.

Try to aim for the sweet spot where your mailer is large enough to accommodate your products or documents but not too big such that your shipping department needs to fold the mailer over before sealing it.


Of course, any good custom poly mailer needs to have an excellent logo or design art. It’s the whole reason you would consider making custom poly mailers in the first place.

Chances are that your company already has an acceptable logo that you use for most of your branding needs. See if this logo can be transferred to a sample mailer’s surface without disrupting the logo’s aesthetic or appeal.

If you need to slightly redesign your logo, companies like us at Harper + Scott can easily assist and provide their expertise to help you tweak your logo so that it’s recognizable as your brand while also suiting the poly mailer medium. 

Background Color

The mailers’ background colors are also important. Most custom poly mailers have a white or gray background material that can help your logo or other art stand out. But you can also choose a different color if you want it to blend more with your aesthetic or brand theme.

For instance, if your brand prioritizes eco-friendliness, you might consider sending out green custom poly mailers instead of sticking with plain black, gray, or white. 

What Text Will You Include?

Your custom poly mailers are best thought of as blank canvases on which you can be truly creative. Don’t stop with just art – you also have the opportunity to include text, whether it’s personalization elements like the names of your customers or clients or other wording.

Again, Harper + Scott can potentially help you determine whether adding text will positively affect the overall image of your custom poly mailers or if you should stick to simple iconography instead.

You can include, for instance, your brand’s slogan right beneath your logo to further solidify the custom poly mailers as unique packaging assets that your customers can’t get anywhere else. Or you can use text to include a personal message for each customer (perhaps drawn from a pool of versatile phrases or greetings). All of this can build a better connection with your customers.

Quantity Decisions

Making custom poly mailers isn’t always cheap. That’s why you should consider the number of mailers you’ll purchase before going ahead.

The last thing you want is a lot of dead inventory that never gets used. For this reason, be sure to do plenty of market research and predict how many of the custom poly mailers you’ll actually use over the course of a regular business quarter or year before placing an order.

The more custom poly mailers you purchase, the more you’ll need to use in order for your investment to be worthwhile.

If you haven’t used custom poly mailers before and aren’t sure whether your customers will take to them en masse, consider purchasing a small bundle of the mailers first as a kind of trial run. This will allow you to see how your initial designs really pan out once fully created and will prevent you from spending too much money on custom poly mailers that may need further tweaking to be successful.


Ultimately, custom poly mailers are just another way you can add a level of customization to your brand and further solidify its unique aspects to your customers and clients. It’s a small thing in the long run, but all the little things add up when you are trying to distinguish your business from your competitors.

Fortunately, companies like Harper + Scott are well prepared to assist with tasks like this and other private label or custom branding tasks. Be sure to contact us today, and we can immediately get started talking with you about your custom poly mailer project or other concerns.