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H+S Custom Whiskey Holiday Gift

Xmas in July: Why Now is the Perfect Time to Kick Off Planning for Holiday

While the Holiday Season might feel far away, it’s approaching sooner than you think. Many of our clients begin planning for their holiday campaigns in the summer months (some even start in the spring!) to make sure they are set up for success. It is never too early to discuss a project, especially anything done fully custom overseas, so reach out to us today to kick things off!

How You Can Capitalize on the Holiday Season 

For consumer-facing brands, the winter months are a big time for product sales, holiday marketing campaigns, and limited edition product drops and packaging as brands get ready to capitalize on the plethora of consumers shopping for gifts for both themselves and others. We can help with GWPs + Giveaways, Influencer Mailers, Custom Print + Packaging, and more to award loyal customers and ramp up sales. 

The Holiday Season isn’t just a time for consumer-facing brands to reach their audience. It’s also a critical time for B2B companies to touch base with partners and customers through thoughtful, personalized messaging and gifts that show an appreciation for their business. Check out our latest Instagram post for some of our favorite custom gifts that we’ve produced for our clients.

Every business, whether consumer-facing or otherwise, can benefit from corporate gifting to employees to inspire, motivate, and show appreciation for the past year’s hard work. As we touch upon in our blog post on Corporate Gifting, people are much more likely to work harder for an entity that they believe in and feel valued by, and therefore are more likely to do more and better work. Gifting creates a sense of belonging and unity within the organization and its partners.

Why You Should Kick-Off Planning Now

For custom production, getting a head start on projects helps guarantee our client’s vision. Since the holiday season is an opportunity for companies to experiment with customization — new products and styles, materials and construction techniques that have never been done before — an extended timeline for product development and QC helps achieve those expectations. It also allows us to spend more time on trend forecasting, 3D modeling, industrial design, and mold fabrication. 

A head-start on planning also allows us to make further considerations towards sustainability at every stage of the production process as our teams guide you throughout the project lifecycle. From Concept + Planning → Material Sourcing → Design → Production → Shipping, we can help you make the best choices for your brand, the environment, and your employees. 

Every aspect of our communication, sampling, and fulfillment is designed to create the fastest possible turnaround times while still maintaining a high level of executional excellence and reliability throughout every step of the process. Despite this, we too, are impacted by global events, including the current global shipping crisis and shipping container shortage. We have been actively implementing strategies that decrease or, in some cases, eliminate heavy delays for our clients.

How Harper+Scott Can Help

At Harper+Scott, our end-to-end sourcing and production abilities allow us to take your brand identity, budget, and goals to create products that fit seamlessly into your campaigns and help your brand stand out. Whether you have a clear vision of what you want to create, or just know what you want to accomplish but need help with creative design and ideation, we’re here to help. 

Not sure if you need to start planning for Holiday now? Reach out to us and we’ll connect you with our experienced account and production managers who can walk you through the process and get you the answers you’re looking for.