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More Than a Vote Collection by Harper+Scott

Harper+Scott Teams with More Than a Vote to Combat Voter Suppression

In partnership with LeBron James’ nonprofit organization More Than a Vote, Harper+Scott harnessed the power of design, cool apparel, and social media to inspire civic engagement and raise funds for the Election Protection Coalition. All proceeds from merchandise sold benefits the Election Protection Coalition and its efforts to fight systemic voter suppression through the courts. With an influx of thousands of orders during its first week, the store proved consumers were motivated to shop for a cause.

“We are using our influence to fight voter suppression, and we have a lot of different ways to reach people,” said Los Angeles Laker Forward and More Than A Vote Member LeBron James. “The connection between fashion and sports is authentic and very powerful. We’re excited to give our fans products that help them express themselves the same way we do. These shirts tell your community that you’re in it with us, and you are doing what you can to stop systemic racism and voter suppression.”

A coalition of notable Black athletes and artists, More Than a Vote uses its members’ influence and reach to help educate young voters about the Election Protection Coalition and voter suppression. Building on the “We Got Next” campaign to recruit 10,000 Americans to work polling locations, More Than A Vote provided these individuals with tools to combat voter suppression.

The More Than a Vote web store features apparel and accessories.

Harper+Scott, a design and production studio based in New York City and a Certified B Corporation, saw an opportunity for the organization to leverage its influence and its members’ social capital. The Harper+Scott team reached out to More Than a Vote and pitched a cohesive collection of apparel and accessories designed to propel the campaign and its mission forward while pulling inspiration from LeBron’s personal style. After that, More Than A Vote envisioned how this merchandise could support its mission: re-energizing the Black vote in 2020 and allowing their fanbase to make a statement that ensured all citizens had equal access to the ballot box​.

In the Q&A that follows, Harper+Scott’s founders Michael Scott Cohen, CEO, and Jon Alagem, President, share their insight and the inspiration behind this collaboration.

What inspired you to pitch a line of merchandise to More Than a Vote?

MSC: Earlier this year, we created our proactive vote-themed collection. This capsule collection of apparel and merchandise showcased our creative and quick-turn capabilities while inciting a genuinely important call-to-action to our company and community. After such a positive response from our internal teams and clients, we knew we could take it a step further and utilize our design and production expertise to make a difference.

Do you see Harper+Scott partnering up with more nonprofits in this way in the future?

MSC: Absolutely. After the massive success of our More Than a Vote partnership, we’ve already started planning other ways to leverage our capabilities to support various causes and organizations. We used our expertise in design, apparel, accessories, and creative strategy to inspire civic engagement and social consciousness. In the end, this campaign helped recruit over 40,000 poll workers to volunteer.

JA: Branded merchandise can be a potent tool for promoting not only brands but cultural movements as well. In the digital age of Instagram and influencers, it’s more important than ever to put those tools to good use. As a full-service partner, we designed and manufactured all products, created the eStore, and managed fulfillment on all orders. LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Jayson Tatum, Enes Kanter, Daniel Theis, various WNBA players, and numerous celebrities shared images in the collection during the 2020 NBA Finals. The collection truly made waves across social media.

What excites you the most about being a Certified B Corporation?

MSC: We achieved B Corp Certification to prove our commitment to operating as a force for good and motivate ourselves to be a leader in social responsibility. When the pandemic first hit, we served our community by expanding our business to provide over 20 million masks, almost 500,000 gallons of hand sanitizer, and more quality PPE to businesses, local governments, and health organizations worldwide. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career so far, and we know we can do more to serve our communities here in New York City and across the globe. There’s more to come from us, so stay tuned!