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Unique and Customized Employee Appreciation Gifts

When it comes to the intangible aspects to good businesses and companies, one of the most important things to consider is employee morale. It’s a highly critical aspect of a company that will impact almost every aspect of the company at large, and can have a massive effect on how the company operates. Employee morale can affect the way that the workers in the organization interact with their work, their customers, and each other. High morale directly affects the quality of work that employees do, and can directly affect the success of the company at large. The small things all come together to contribute to a greater success all around. 

Fundamentally, the most important asset of any company is the people that work for the company. Therefore, it is incredibly important to invest in them both as staff and as humans. There are many ways to invest in people as workers, but it can be argued that it can often be more important to invest in workers as people. These human elements and ways that they will feel appreciated will make the quality of work that they give be much more genuine, which can in turn lead to consistent and positive benefits in the long run. 

One of the best ways to show appreciation to employees is through giving them gifts. Virtually everyone loves to receive gifts, especially if they are thought out, intentional, and fundamentally feel genuine. These positive reinforcements in the setting of the job itself will help employees to know that they are appreciated and cared for, and provide a way for corporate staff to show their personal appreciation for them. Creating genuine gifts for employees is one of the best ways to increase employee morale, and therefore boost the mood of the most important asset that any business can have; their employees. 

Why is Employee Morale Important?

Employee morale is fundamentally defined as the overall mood and level of satisfaction that employees have about their own place of work, and the work that they do. It covers and goes into the job contentment, feelings of importance, and outlook that they have on their jobs. Morale is a critical factor to focus on in every business, because high morale has a very high linkage with the amount of productivity that an employee will likely have. When an employee feels valued and cared for, they are much more likely to produce more output, and often, better output. Caring about employees as people with complex and important lives will show up not only in their attitudes and emotions, but also in their work and productivity. 

Often, high employee morale will result in higher levels of loyalty to the company, and dedication to their work. This shows up in many places and situations, and can be especially valuable in more stressful situations and seasons for the job. The fact is, empowering employees as people will create a sense of community and dedication to their work that will have massive benefits in almost every area of their lives, including, but not limited to their professional work output. This is an important investment for companies to make, because these intangible elements of a workplace can lead to massive benefits in the culture of a company, as well as its output. 

Another incredibly important benefit of high employee morale is that it attracts and retains top talent. Employees that grow to be very talented and skilled in their line of work will often remain in the places that they feel at home with, and tend to have a high morale with. Outside hires can very quickly and easily sense places with high morale, and are much more likely to be motivated to work in places that exude a positive energy. 

This higher level of morale can also show up in a variety of other places and situations in the modern work environment. These can include lower amounts of accidents, less stress, and less need for paid leave to take employees away from the negative aspects of their workplaces. High amounts of employee morale can lead to incredibly powerful and beneficial benefits in the workplace, and can make a huge difference in the way that a company operates. 

What Causes Low Employee Morale?

To understand how to have high employee morale, it is important to understand what lowers morale inside the workplace. Fundamentally, a lot of conflict and frustration inside of a workplace comes down to lack of communication between different parties. It is massively important for employees to feel as though they are listened to, because this gives them a sense of value and importance in their company. When clear communication is a regular part of daily operation, employees will feel more comfortable and more able to communicate their ideas, which will make them feel as though they are appreciated and valued. When there is poor communication, it will cause employees to feel unimportant, and much less likely to contribute to their workplaces in a positive way. 

Another large cause of low workplace morale is not providing employees with adequate rewards for their efforts. Often, employees spend a very large portion of their time at work, as well as thinking about their work during off time. It can be very tough to have high morale when their job feels thankless and like their leaders don’t care about them. Providing employees with proof that they are valued by the company can help them to feel better about their work, and show them that they truly are valued by their workplaces. This proof can come in the form of gifts, which can give employees a very personal touch of value that can help them to feel better about the work that they are doing. 

What are the Best Gifts for Employees?

One of the best ways to reward employees is through small and customized employee gifts. These can be as personalized and customized as desired, because the customization will often help employees to feel a higher level of value in relation to the gifts they receive from their company at large. When the gifts are tailored to each department, or better yet, each employee, it will create a sense of community and value for employees, both within the bounds of the physical locations themselves, and the outside world. 

There are many different ways to design and create employee appreciation gifts, but here are a few general ideas that have been used before. These are consistently appreciated by employees in many different kinds of workplaces, and can have very positive effects on the way that employees view their workplaces. Even more importantly, these can have positive effects on the way employees view their contributions to their work. 

Matching Apparel

A great way to increase morale and unity in the workplace is to provide employees with clothing and apparel that matches their employees, and represents their company. It’s a way to tie people together in a way that appeals to their emotions, and has a unifying effect on the way that employees see their own workforce. Matching clothes help employees to feel much more connected with their coworkers and friends at work. 

Luxury Gifts

A great way to help employees feel appreciated is by providing small but luxurious gifts to each of them. This can come in the form of gift cards, artwork, or other valuable trinkets. These will help the leadership at a company to show how much they care for their employees, and provide a way for employees to feel much more valuable in the workplace. 

Samples of the Employee’s Work

One of the most important and encouraging ways that a company can serve to inspire its employees is by showing them the fruits of their labor in a personal context. A great idea is to take the products, goods, or services that the company provides, and give it to the employees as a gift. This will give them personal satisfaction, and show them that they are highly valued by the company not only as workers, but as people. 

How Harper+Scott can Help

Harper+Scott has extensive experience in creating employee appreciation gifts for companies. These gifts were made for companies of all sizes, ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. These companies can range widely in their own characteristics, but the teams at Harper+Scott know how to make any employee feel as special and valued as possible. In addition to designing and producing these gifts, they are able to produce custom print + packaging and offer kitting, fulfillment, and drop-shipping services to get the gifts in the hands of your employees. For any company looking to increase their creative viability as a business, they should look no further than the venerable Harper+Scott


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