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Custom Marketing Materials For Your Business Needs

Custom, company-based marketing will ensure that a product or service will stand out from the competition, and make using it a much more personalized and unique experience. Custom marketing materials help businesses to make a difference in the marketplace, and allow their brand to have a much more sustainable and stable place inside of the minds of customers and consumers. 

Often, it can be very easy to just go with generic, name brand marketing material, or work with generalized templates to create packaging, market, and distribute products to consumers. This is usually the cheapest, easiest, and most simple way to get products into the hands and minds of consumers. To many businesses, it just makes sense; why would they upcharge the cost of the materials that are most likely to be overlooked by consumers and customers? Most companies tend to think that all that matters is the quality of the product inside of the packaging, not the packaging and marketing itself. 

However, creating a marketing system that is based around customizability can help a company to stand out from the rest, and cement its identity in the minds of its customers and consumers. The small things, like packaging, stickers, envelopes, and other such trinkets can be massively important to attracting customers in their purchase decisions. Drawing customers in is one of the most important things that a marketing strategy has to do, and creating custom marketing materials is a fantastic way to do that. It can be as simple or complex as a business requires, but all of those small things can add up to big results in a practical context. This is how custom marketing materials can be a game changer for any business or company looking to strengthen and expand their customer base and loyalty. 

Why Create Custom Marketing Materials?

There are many reasons why custom marketing materials are highly critical to the way that a product or service is received by a customer. When there is customer marketing or packaging, it causes the product to stick in the mind of the consumer much more effectively. This can lead them to associate that product with professionalism and a more consistent marketing identity. Customizable products put the message and personality of a brand at the forefront of every product, which leads them to develop a much more deep and consistent relationship with both the products and the brand. 

Of course, it is critical to have a highly developed brand identity to begin with. That is the starting place for all kinds of marketing, and helps to inform the decisions and direction of the company when they are working on creating their customized materials. Creating and working with an identity that is highly consistent will allow customers to much more easily associate the brand with their products and make a better connection with the business. 

Starting with that brand identity and then moving forward with it is a huge way that companies can develop their personality to customers. When there is an established brand identity, it can then be expounded upon in many different ways, primarily including custom marketing materials. The materials create a more consistent and fluid mental environment for the brand, and places the messages and personality of a brand at the forefront of people’s minds when looking for that specific type of product. This can work even when a customer is looking at different brands, because the identity of the packaging will help serve to bring them back to the most intentional and customized brand identity. 

Personalization is also known to sell at a much higher rate to customers. When using the tastes of a customer in an intentional way, it is much easier for them to form connections with the products and business as a whole. It is often easy for customers to just gloss over a product due to it being a generic and unmemorable item or service within the marketplace. Creating custom marketing materials that appeal to specific groups of consumers can help to increase sales. Capitalizing on niches and interests is a highly important part of marketing successfully, and custom marketing materials help with that dramatically. 

Custom marketing materials also allow companies to create much more intuitive and well-designed marketing programs for their products and services. When the materials that are used are designed exactly for the products that are used, they are much more likely to stick in the minds of customers. 

Think of the way that a company like Apple markets their products through their packaging. Every single one of their products and services is delivered in a way that is unique and special, and that sends a message of intentionality and quality to their customers. The message that their marketing materials send is consistent with the overall personality of the brand at large, and allows customers to instantly recognize the nature of the brand in every part of their experience. This is massively important to creating not just a good product, but a good experience for the customers, which goes a very long way in creating long term customer loyalty and success. 

How to Create Effective Custom Marketing Materials

Creating highly effective customer marketing materials can sometimes be a difficult task and process to go through. Creating custom materials can often appear to be very intensive and expensive to companies. However, it doesn’t need to be that way, once the basics of creating these custom marketing materials is understood. Here are a few specific things to focus on when creating custom marketing materials that will have a positive impact on the company as a whole. 

Emphasize Simplicity

It can often be very easy to crowd the packaging of a product with details, graphics, and content. Despite the high level of uniqueness that that might bring, it is very important to have ways to be unique that emphasize simplicity and minimalism. Don’t crowd materials with excessive amounts of information, but instead, use every bit of space intentionally, and use a less is more mentality. This will allow the materials to stick out more to customers, and be much more memorable. The smaller but more intentionally designed pieces of data and marketing have a much more powerful impact than an entire saturated sheet of content. 

Be Consistent with the Brand Identity

Everything that is done with marketing should be consistent with the other parts of the business’s identity and personality. It can often be very easy to go down other avenues when creating custom marketing materials, but be sure to make sure that everything follows the same marketing identity. Use the same colors, fonts, and attitudes as the already set brand identity. This will help to cement the product into the minds of consumers, even if it is used in a highly altered and customized way. 

The brand identity should always be at the forefront of every product design. Be sure to never let the customizable nature of a product get in the way of the message that the marketing and materials are trying to convey. Use the unique aspects of every product to help convey the unified message and nature of the brand, rather than pulling away from the main message that is trying to be told to the customer. 

Have a Clear Call to Action

Always have a message that is clear when designing a product. In one way or another, every customer material should try to communicate the story of the product that it is accentuating. This helps the customers to understand why the product is important to them, and show them the benefits of it. This can be done by stripping back all of the excess that is easy to display on a product’s design, and creating a marketing material that is simple and to the point in every way possible. Emphasize clarity over quantity, so that the call to action has as much room to breathe as possible. 

How Harper+Scott Can Help

It is very easy for companies to get lost when creating custom marketing materials. They may not have a steady and consistent brand identity to begin with, or may need assistance in developing their own voice. That’s what Harper+Scott is best at. As a marketing team, Harper+Scott has assisted dozens of high level companies in creating identities that are unique, as well as custom products that help to cement the companies in the minds of consumers. 

We help brands create unique, one-of-a-kind marketing materials that give them unique identities that accentuate their strengths and values. Our services include the creation of branded merchandise, gifts with purchase, print and packaging, and more, including handle kitting, fulfillment, and shipping. Our creative and design capabilities come free to our clients. 

The future is bright, and Harper+Scott is ready to help you get there. Contact us today to learn how we can help you create and market your unique brand.


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