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How Corporate Gifting Can Make a Difference For Your Business

One of the most important things that a company in the modern world needs to do is catch people’s attention. There are countless different businesses constantly vying for attention and loyalty from their customers, and the ones that do it best are generally the ones who succeed. 

One of the most important commodities in the world of business and online marketing is attention, and getting as much of it as possible can mean a world of difference for companies and businesses. Awareness is one of the most valuable and important things a company can try to get because it leads to success in virtually every other business area. 

Of course, not all attention is going to be good. Many companies will try to grab attention, only for public sentiment toward them to develop negatively and make a positive public image much harder for the business to attain. However, when attention is brought to a genuinely serving company, many customers will be attracted to the company. Both new and existing customers of all different kinds tend to flock to companies with a reputation for caring about their clients, employees, and customers. 

One of the best ways to create this positive headspace for a company is through corporate gifting. Gifts are beloved by virtually everyone, no matter what position they might have in the world of business. A gifting program creates a bond between two entities and can generate trust and a mutual sense of belonging with both the giver and the receiver of the gift. Due to that, gifting can be a massively important tool to use when creating and establishing a consistent customer base. Companies should look at corporate gifting when considering how to increase their market viability. Here is how to do that. 

What is Corporate Gifting?

Fundamentally, corporate gifting is sending a gift from a business to a customer, prospective partner, or established client, but it can also be given to company employees as a gesture of gratitude for their work. Either way, corporate gifting builds loyalty with customers and employees. The idea is to send something addressed from the company, or someone inside the company, to someone with whom the company wants to build a relationship. Of course, because it is a gift, there are generally no financial or service-based favors expected from the gift recipients for the sender in return, at least directly. However, because gifts naturally build up a sense of community and relationship between people and parties, the gifts are likely to produce good things between the recipient and giver of the gifts. 

Corporate gifting is aimed at the people inside of a business. Instead of offering massive financial gifts towards a company or extensive services towards another company’s business, corporate gifts are made to appeal to actual humans. These gifts can be small, like personalized discounts and promotions, e-gifts, custom gift boxes, subscriptions, client appreciation gifts, themed boxes wishing a co-worker congratulations on personal achievements, corporate swag, happy hours, or even small things showing bosses that the company cares about them. The gifting process is essential for building genuine relationships between different entities in the business world. This is massively important, especially in a modern environment where all kinds of businesses are constantly looking for the approval and attention of various customers. 

Why Companies Should Look Into Corporate Gifting

There are many reasons why corporate gifting is potentially a benefit to many businesses. These reasons can all work together to create a much more personal and connected relationship between a company and its customers, clients, and partners. 

First, it builds relationships with the entities that it does business with the most. These can be long-standing clients, consistently helpful vendors, or time-honored employees. These different people and businesses want to feel valued by the company they get their products and services from. Corporate gifting can help them feel like they aren’t simply another business statistic or number on a spreadsheet. Corporate gifts help people to feel valued and connected to something larger than themselves and create a sense of loyalty in the receiver. 

Another benefit of corporate gifting is that it can help inspire and motivate employees, partners, and other stakeholders in the business. People are much more likely to work harder for an entity that they believe in and feel valued by, and therefore are more likely to do more and better work for a company that they feel valued by. It’s very important to consider this when trying to build up a company’s core team–gifting creates a sense of belonging and unity within the organization and its partners. Even small corporate gifts can be hugely important to people who want to get a sense of belonging from a company. 

Another huge way corporate gifting can help a company is to help prospective customers and partners feel invited. Gifts make anyone feel at home, especially when they are thought out and personalized to cater to an entity’s specific needs and wants. It can often take a bit of effort and research to create gifts that will deeply connect with the target audience, but gifts that check all of those boxes are sure to make waves for the people that receive them. A company’s intention to create genuinely personally valuable gifts no matter what they cost is incredibly important to whoever receives the gift. 

How Can a Company Create Good Corporate Gifts?

There are a few general guidelines to follow when creating corporate gifts as a company. There are countless ways to create good corporate gifts, but using these different approaches can help make sure that each gift is as impactful and important to whoever receives it as possible. It can be very easy to get caught up in the practice of pouring a lot of money into gifts that won’t mean anything to the people who receive them. But when a company does it effectively, creating practical corporate gifts can be both inexpensive and impactful to any entity that receives the gift. Here is how to make gifts that matter to people. 

Make It Personal

Personalized gifts are all about the details. Even just small acknowledgments of the history that the two parties have with each other can be very impactful and meaningful to whoever receives the gift. If there are any inside jokes, humorous stories, or other relational experiences shared between the two parties, capitalize on them when giving the gift in a personalized gift message.

For example, customizing a product with the recipient’s name or initials on the product, such as a jacket, a coffee mug, or any other product that lends itself well to lettering, is a great way to make someone feel like their gift is personally meaningful.  

Another way to make the gift personal is to address it from a specific person. Receiving a gift directly from a person that the receiver knows as opposed to a business at large makes the gift feel a lot more personal and intimate. The point of the gift is to make whoever receives it feel as though they are a part of a community, and addressing directly from a person does exactly that. 

Make the Gift Something the Target Wants

Companies have infinite choices when it comes to the types of corporate gifts they can give. Gift cards to coffee shops, t-shirts, gift baskets, snack boxes, sweets, body products, and other small accessories are common in the world of corporate gifting. While these are good gifts, they will often be overlooked pretty quickly due to their generic nature.

Ultimately, gifts should be well-thought-out and tailored to each individual’s interests, hobbies, and likes. The goal, again, is to build customer or employee loyalty to the brand. For example, buying an employee their actual preferred drink from Starbucks (or a local area coffee shop) is much more personalized than handing them a generic gift card. 

The best way to go about this for any company is to find out employees’ interests. Gaining insight from employees doesn’t have to be boring either–companies can get creative with how they gain information, like through a fun employee survey or a companywide game that encourages employees to express themselves.

With this insight, companies can curate gifts that help increase employee happiness, productivity, and mental and physical wellbeing.

This shows that the company is dedicated to getting to know their customers and employees–the people who keep their brands alive–and has a vested interest in their personal lives and overall wellbeing. Companies that take an active role in their customers’ interests are usually handsomely rewarded with a level of customer loyalty that’s the envy of competitors.

Gift distribution has become even easier with technology. Harper+Scott, for example, has created multiple gift kits–including a gift kit for AdColony that actually included a Recovery Kit, a Desk Kit, and a Tech Kit–and distributed them to employees via an online portal. See what we did there? Each employee could opt into the kit of their choice, giving them a say in exactly what gift they’re receiving. Customization, personalization, and freedom of choice have more or less become the standard of gifting.

Don’t Do It Too Often

When gifts are received too often, they will often lose their impact on the receiver. It is important to space out the gifts over time to achieve maximum gift-giving satisfaction. It pays both relationally and financially to thoughtfully space out when gifts are given to people, both inside and outside the company. Holiday gifts are always a good idea, in addition to perks and gifts sporadically throughout the year. Quality matters more than quantity. Generosity is always appreciated, but being thoughtful about how it is done is also massively important. 

How Harper+Scott Can Help

Creating corporate gifts that matter can be a time-consuming and intensive process. That’s one of the reasons why Harper+Scott exists—to create high-quality and unique gifts and products for companies that need them. Harper+Scott has worked with all kinds of companies, from small startup businesses to Fortune 500 companies, creating consistently high-quality products and marketing materials for all sorts of purposes. The teams at Harper+Scott can design and work on everything from graphic designs to real-world products for companies looking for unique and well-made gifts for their customers and employees. Harper+Scott is here to help any business that wants to truly stand out and make a difference in their world, no matter what they are doing. 


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