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Sustainability. Product innovation, human-centric design, and sustainable supply chain practices helped us achieve our B-Corp Certification and forever changed the DNA of Harper+Scott.

Conscious Design Through Sustainability

In March of this year, Harper+Scott joined Patagonia, Athleta, and Ben & Jerry’s and became a Certified B Corporation. A designation earned after a rigorous six-month evaluation process that analyzed the five key “Impact Areas,” including Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers. The B Corp certification means that we have achieved the highest social and environmental performance standards of accountability and transparency.

Through this affiliation, we look to take on more social responsibility, contribute to our industry’s economic development, continuously improving the quality of life for our workforce, community, and environment. “Doing our best wasn’t enough. We wanted to prove to ourselves, and others, that more can always be done,” says Co-Founder and CEO Michael Scott Cohen. “We are proud and honored to join this global movement and look forward to continuing to evolve the way we, and others, do business — for the greater good.”

Harper+Scott’s Upcycle Capsule Collection

With sustainability top of mind for so many of our clients, we are furthering our research and development in the technological advancement of new sustainable materials and processes. With our insight into the global supply chain, we can incorporate sustainable executions for any project and at any point of development. Product innovation is a core tenant at Harper+Scott, and with our end-to-end capabilities from design to production, we conceived, designed, sourced, and launched a sustainable capsule collection titled, Upcycle. The centerpiece of the Upcycle collection was recycled PET. This type of plastic is commonly used in consumer packaging, like water bottles, and can be spun into various materials when recycled.

Erno Laszlo “The Original Cleansing Bar” Mailer

Separately, we’ve amplified efforts to source new methods and materials for mailers and packaging. Using a mix of recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable materials, we’re able to create environmentally-friendly mailers without sacrificing impact or design. Seed paper, vegetable-based dyes, and recycled/recyclable cardboard have been some of our favorite materials to use when developing influencer, employee appreciation, and customer loyalty mailers. The Erno Laszlo influencer mailer we created is a combination of recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable materials.

Harper+Scott rPET Backpack with Antimicrobial Finish

Inspired by our Upcycle collection, we decided to reintroduce one material in a new Harper+Scott Backpack made almost entirely out of recycled PET (our custom 2020 Holiday Client Gift!). We designed this backpack mindfully from top to bottom, from rPET material to an antimicrobial wash and back support for ergonomics. Each piece is shipped consciously within a biodegradable polybag and a recycled/recyclable shipper bag to minimize waste.

This is only the beginning.

Sustainability and minimizing waste are increasingly vital to our ethos as a B Corporation as it is critical in preserving nonrenewable resources (and humanity). Our clients are often surprised to find that sustainable considerations are available at every step of the product life cycle — from concept to design to material sourcing to shipping methods. Our team is here to keep you informed of all options —big or small— because they all matter, so reach out to us today!