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2021 Fashion + Design Trends

2021 Fashion + Design Trends and How to Apply Them

Keeping a pulse on upcoming trends is essential to everything we do at Harper+Scott. Our creative team took a deep dive into some of the most anticipated fashion, design, material, and packaging trends to look out for in 2021. While we observed many of them emerge in 2020, they’re expected to hit their stride over the course of this year.

Stylish Accessibility
Soft Comfort
Unusual Materials
It’s In The Details

We knew Stylish Accessibility would be imminent after the re-emergence of the fanny pack, but brands are taking it to the next level by exercising creative and style-forward design to provide easy and convenient ways to get to your essentials. Working from home has made Soft Comfort a necessity making cozy materials and fabrics grow across all fashion categories.

From acrylic to repurposed materials, Unusual Materials are popping up across accessories to apparel creating new waves of sustainable manufacturing. Lastly, the key is In The Details — we’ll see more and more items being elevated with ornate establishments, making classic silhouettes luxe and unique.

Loud and Bold Colors
Elements of Nature
Real Sustainability
For the Social Good

Shoppers are looking for unapologetic and eye-catching branding, so we’ll see more Loud and Bold Colors in consumer-facing packaging as people gravitate towards colorful designs that elevate their moods. On the other end of the spectrum, Elements of Nature will be key in 2021. Nature-inspired designs will bring the outside world in and create a feeling of calm throughout our homes and wardrobes all while transporting us to places we aren’t able to explore IRL due to the pandemic.

The expectation for packaging that is genuinely and practically recyclable and/or biodegradable continues to rise as consumers pay more attention to Real Sustainability. We’re excited to see how brands and creators transform society’s views on packaging as sustainability becomes a requirement. Above all, addressing inclusivity and social issues through design is more important than ever. Consumers now are calling out performative statements and campaigns, as nearly 60% of Americans want the companies they buy products from to be genuinely invested in The Social Good.

Clockwise from top right: Bright Bucket Hat, Seed Paper Bag, Bold Gradient Scrunchies, Sustainable Utensil Set, Recycled Wine GlassesTie-Dye Fleece Blanket, Utility Backpack, Bracelet Flask, Corduroy Pouches.

At Harper+Scott, not only do we track the trends on the rise and identify those phasing out — but we also translate trends into designs and products that serve the specific industry, campaign, and audience at hand. Our trend forecasts are always top of mind as we design custom products, apparel/retail lines, and accessories from the ground up. We also apply them across domestic and quick-turn products that we curate for clients. These are just a few examples of how you can translate design trends into actual products for your employees, clients, and consumers.

Reach out to us if you’re interested in starting a custom project or want to see more quick-turn products that align with both your brand and 2021 trends.